Iot laboratory


The Internet of Things, an emerging trend in web-based technology, will have a big impact on every facet of business and daily life.

A wide range of sectors are anticipated to deal with this technology in the near future as a result of the recent growth of the Internet of Things.

In the upcoming years, the industry's main focus will be on locating and gaining access to qualified human resources whose qualifications have been verified by an established institution. On the other hand, a huge number of students who are interested in the field of the Internet of Things conduct research in it, so it is beneficial to set up specialized labs, equip them, and train and support people who are working in this field. It also helps to connect these people with the industry and vice versa. Slow down to allow firms to grow more quickly.


In order to develop skilled human resources in this area, the Persian Gulf Information and Communication Technology Research Institute has established and outfitted a dedicated Internet of Things laboratory.



Research in the area of the Internet of Things and the creation of effective and efficient processes for the growth and establishment of knowledge-based businesses in this area as well as the development of Internet of Things technologies, intelligentization, and foundation.


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Establishing Persian Gulf University as a focal point for the growth of the Internet of Things

fostering entrepreneurship and assisting in the establishment of knowledge-based businesses

Interact more with industry



development of research activities to elevate Persian Gulf University to a leading institution in the Internet of Things

use of currently available technology products

creating knowledge-based businesses

Persian Gulf University's improvement